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What We Do

what we do

NSSBC is your outsourced expert controller, handling everything from bookkeeping and accounting to financial and human resources management. NSSBC was created for a single purpose: to address and manage the financial, administrative and compliance details of your business so you can focus on making your venture great.

We provide exacting and rigorous attention to details such as regulatory compliance, expense classifications and account reconciliations. Our consulting services deliver decades of expertise on an as-needed basis, at a budget suited to your needs.

For more than a decade, we have helped businesses, from startups to established SMBs, to create sound organizational structures and processes. Whether you want to start your business with a clean and functional operational structure, or you need to repair processes that have gone wrong, NSSBC can help you clear the path to profitability.

Whether you need help with just one aspect of your business, or a full range of services, NSSBC is your outsourced business manager. Think of us as your affordable, part-time controller, accountant and HR manager. Our comprehensive suite of services includes the following:

Business Planning

Our decades of experience can help you create a business plan that defines your products and services, goals and revenue prospects. Do less trial-and-error, and make the business plan right the first time for your roadmap to success.

Launching Your Business

For more than a decade, we have helped businesses to start off right, avoiding missteps and disorganization. We can advise you on business structure, regulatory requirements, insurance and many other administrative details, and complete the requirements for you. The right advice can make the difference between a smooth takeoff and a nose-dive. Among the startup services we offer are:

  • Protect your trade name and business identity
  • Decide which business structure works best for you
  • Apply for state and federal identifications
  • Apply for all required business licenses
  • Obtain adequate insurance coverage for your business
  • Develop a business plan


Establish your foundation for the future with short- and medium-term financial goals. NSSBC can help you project your income on a conservative yet motivating path that will keep you and your team looking forward to every quarter and every day.


Make your profit part of the plan, and not just what you have left over after expenses. We will work with you to establish spending benchmarks for each of your budget line items.


Sound financial management can help ensure that you are capturing every bit of revenue and receivables, to minimize or eliminate unaccountable losses. We offer outsourced services and in-house training in:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts payable management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Collection
  • Financial statements
  • Financial performance
  • Analysis


Even the most airtight planning and budgeting process needs to have rigorous measurement of results to ensure your success.

Should you prefer to utilize an in-house bookkeeper/accountant, we can help you review the books to ensure your accounting records meet GAAP standards.

We can also help review your financials on a quarterly basis to ensure you are meeting initial profitability goals.

Managing Your Financials

Nurturing and growing financial profitability is one of the most important jobs for any company. To be done correctly, it requires consistent monitoring and measurement, as well as recommending operational shifts to keep you on track with your goals. NSSBC delivers the skills, knowledge and expertise to monitor and maintain your financial profitability.

We can help you:

  • Choose an adequate accounting system for your business size and growth plan
  • Implement effective and efficient processes for financial management to budget, project and monitor your financials on a daily, monthly and yearly basis
  • Assess and establish sales goals and monitoring tools to ensure you are meeting profitability benchmarks, and create warning systems when you are not meeting objectives
  • Establish realistic productivity goals for you and your staff
  • Monitor your receivables to ensure clients pay in a timely manner
  • Assess your hiring needs and develop a comprehensive hiring system from recruitment to hiring
  • Implement an HR process that will be easy and affordable to maintain
  • Enroll in a business identity protection and credit monitoring system
  • Partner with a CPA to plan, prepare and file your taxes in a timely manner.

Growing Your Business

Many tools are available to help promote and grow small businesses. We partner with experts in specific disciplines who can help you:

  • Build or upgrade your website to optimally communicate your products and services
  • Create a marketing and public relations program to promote your business
  • Evaluate your IT and other infrastructure needs to provide affordable solutions to further improve your business productivity
  • Establish a growth plan to keep you motivated for the next few years with guidelines for a safe and solid progressive growth

To learn more about how NSSBC can help you achieve your goals, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.